On June 1st Judith Tabron will pass on management of Soul bar & Bistro to trusted ‘right hand man’ George Dennigan.

With over 10 years of Soul under his belt, Dennigan says he is ready to rise up to this challenge. “Soul has continuously evolved throughout the years and it will continue to do so, under the guidance of a team that has been part of the company DNA for over 10 years”.

Irish-born Dennigan started his career in the hospitality industry, learning the tricks of the trade from within, climbing the ranks of the industry rapidly and successfully. A vacation to New Zealand and a phone interview later, Dennigan was on a one-way flight to Auckland.

Dennigan joined the Soul Bar & Bistro team in 2008. Over the past ten years Dennigan has fulfilled different roles within the organization. “Working closely together with Judith Tabron for all these years has been such a tremendous inspiration. I have great respect for her both personally and professionally.” Tabron and Dennigan both share a passion for education and investing in a young generation of professionals.

“Soul is a very unique place,” Dennigan explained. “Not just for our customers, but also for our team. We have colleagues who have been here for over 17 years! Nowadays, especially in our industry, that is quite a rarity. It is the strong and dedicated team that lives the brand. Together, I know we will be able to bring Soul to the next level, whilst never losing sight of what we are; all things, to all people.”