New alcohol bylaw for Coromandel

The Thames Coromandel District Council has adopted the new Alcohol Control Bylaw, after considering feedback from more than 100 submissions received in public consultation held over June and July. The new bylaw takes effect from 18 December and it replaces the existing Part 4 Liquor Bans of the Consolidated Bylaw 2004.

Year-round town centre alcohol bans have been kept, but the extended summer bans that were proposed have been changed in favour of keeping the existing dates and times.

The new bylaw adopted this week maintains the existing Christmas and New Year ban from 23 December to 6 January on beaches and seaside reserves and throughout some townships, as well as the existing bans in these areas on long weekends.

An amendment to the Local Government Act in 2013 required that all alcohol control bylaws be reviewed by 18 December 2018, otherwise these existing bylaws would be revoked.

See the Alcohol Control Bylaw schedule and maps here.