How to hire the perfect summer worker

Summer brings seasonal workers, which brings the associated tensions between the part-timers and the permanent, and the added complication of temporary workers who might not have the investment in a business that their employer would expect. So what’s the best way to pick the right staff member?

First off, it’s good to figure out whether or not you actually need the extra staff. Current employees might be keen to work additional hours and help out during busy periods, especially if they know it is only going to be short-term.

If extra staff are necessary, hire based on personality. Find someone who is hard working, flexible and will get along will with existing staff. It may be that the seasonal worker ends up becoming a full-time employee when other staff move on, so it is important to think in the long-term.

It’s tempting to cut corners when it comes to short-term workers. Almost everyone has a story of a summer job where the boss wasn’t quite above board when it came to pay day. Maybe it was an envelope of cash or a lack of holiday pay, or maybe it was erratic hours with very little notice of changes. It pays to be just as prepared with your short-term staff than it does with permanent staff members.

When summer is over and the crowds drop back down to a manageable size again, it can be useful to keep your good quality seasonal workers on call in the event of illness or public holidays. Students are often willing to work the odd shift here and there for a bit of extra cash at the end of the week, so don’t just cut your seasonal workers loose once the temperature starts to drop. It might not seem worth it at the start of summer, but invest in your part-time workers.