Dreamy Donuts popping up over summer

A box of Dreamy Donuts

Dreamy Donuts is relaunching in New Zealand having previously operated from kiosks across Australasia. The first Dreamy Donuts will be popping up at Muffin Break Sylvia Park from November 12 for three weeks only, and will be appearing throughout summer at secret locations across the country.

“We have been watching the re-emergence of donuts and we are excited to give New Zealanders more choices and flexible locations to choose from with the relaunch of Dreamy Donuts in a new pop-up and grab-and-go format,” said Jon Hassall, general manager of Foodco New Zealand. “Dreamy Donuts have been running top-secret tests in retail outlets, service stations and trade shows across the country and the results were well beyond our expectations.”

Dreamy Donuts will also be available as an UberEats pop-up. These donuts will also come in packs of 6 or 12, starting from $3.00.