Carl’s Jr. launches CBD-infused burger

Carl’s Jr. is launching a CBD-infused burger in one store in Denver on 4/20. The burger, aptly named Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight, will be sold for $4.20 and will contain two beef patties, pickled jalapeños, jack cheese and CBD-infused Santa Fe sauce. It is the first major chain to put a CBD product on its menu.

Those wanting to get a buzz from the burger are out of luck – CBD is a non-psychoactive substance found in hemp and does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (more commonly known as THC), the chemical compound in marijuana which gives people the high. CBD can even counteract some of the effects of THC, so stoners heading for a munchies fix may find that it mellows out their experience.

With the increasing legality of cannabis, brands are making the most of April 20 as a branding tool. McDonald’s, Burger King and Denny’s have all used the date to connect with consumers.