When Life Gives You Lemons.. Make G&T!

Herne Bay hotspot Andiamo is extending summer - transporting us to the sunny lemon groves of Capri with Malfy gin.

In the epic collaboration, there are four special (and downright delicious) Malfy cocktails on offer, pairing perfectly with Andiamo classic Italian fare. 

Everyone’s favourite friendly local has an immersive experience seeing the special G&T’s being served all month long under vibrant lemon trees, taking you to Italian shores. 

The time is ripe for a cheeky tipple with your main squeeze! Check out what’s on offer..

The Amalfi Coast - sure to transport you to the turquoise waters of its namesake, this juicy drop features Malfy Originale, Blue Curaçao, Strega and lemon. 

The Mediterranean Clover Club - if you’re feeling adventurous, this will fit the bill: Malfy con Limone, basil, raspberry, lemon, bitters and whites come together for a sweet and sour delight.

The Sole Italiano - providing a refreshing sip Malfy Rosa, Aperol, strawberry, lemon, ginger and cucumber.

The Negroni Cioccolato - something sultry, providing a twist on a classic, your tastebuds will dance the night away with Malfy con Arancia, sweet Vermouth and cacao nib Campari.

Squeeze the day and stop into Andiamo throughout May to experience the Andiamo al limoneto menu for yourself!