Virtual Learning is the New Reality

The mission at Industry Training Solutions (ITS) is simple, to deliver quality training, to do so the team has designed unique methods that allow learners to gain knowledge in subjects of their choice from a wide range on offer.

Virtual Learning products offer students the flexibility to study from home, a vital aspect of education in the post-pandemic new normal. Each Virtual Learning Courses (VLC) package comes with a tutor, a scheduled timetable for virtual classes, some self-managed activities, and time for question and chat with ongoing one on one support available. These courses have been carefully crafted to embrace both interactive and engaging learning.

Continuing to learn and grow is key to business success. ITS offers a range of practical short courses to help Kiwis upskill in their given field:

Emerging Leaders

Get strategies to succeed. This short, sharp course is a practical, interactive workshop aimed to impart relevant skills to use in every-day business. It will help build confidence, motivate, inspire, and develop excellence in leading a team.

Who should attend? New staff, staff who have shown potential for leadership, and staff already in line for management positions who would like a refresher. This course is also excellent for re-energising, re-setting, and refocusing for our post-pandemic world.

Service that Sells

Grow G.R.E.A.T Customer Service skills in this motivating and fun course.  Greet, Respond, Evaluate, Act and Think about your customers in new ways – this will take your customer service to a whole new level.

Providing outstanding customer service and positive customer experiences is critical to all business. This course teaches how to achieve customer service excellence. We also teach the delicate art of selling more to every customer without spending and money.

Communicate Successfully

Develop the confidence and skills to become a successful communicator! Communication in the workplace happens in many ways and being able to excel is essential for success in communicating effectively and efficiently.

Learn how to overcome communication barriers - find the solutions. Be motivated and excited to communicate well and get the outcomes you want.

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