A Dunedin toddler was served raw nuggets at Anderson’s Bay McDonald's, and his parents aren’t happy with how the company handled the situation.

Matt Todd, his partner Jemma Wishart and their three-year-old son Eli ordered a Happy Meal, but upon first bite it was clear that the meal was uncooked.

"It was not even attempted to be cooked," Todd said. "It was completely raw. Stone cold."

When the couple tried to contact McDonald’s to alert them to the mistake, they claim they were all but ignored.

"I rang them up and they weren't even interested over the phone. I went back and got told there's no point in getting angry about it. That just made me any angrier," he said. "They said to take him to a doctor if we were worried. They offered my money back... but only for the Happy Meal, not the whole meal. I threw it back at them and said don't worry about it."

However McDonald’s denies these claims, saying that the staff at the restaurant did everything they could to rectify the situation.

"As soon as the customer contacted the restaurant staff checked and there were no other undercooked nuggets," a spokesperson said in a statement. "Several members of staff spoke with the customer, who was understandably upset with the mistake. Staff and our franchisee offered to refund the meal and to cover any medical costs."

The mistake was put down to simple human error – a staff member prematurely removing the nuggets from the fryer.

"As per our health and safety processes the restaurant is completing a full investigation and is following up with staff."