Today is World Sandwich Day, and Subway is partnering with local charity KiwiHarvest to feed hungry children. Customers who buy a Subway sub will receive another one for free, and will also provide a meal to KiwiHarvest to help feed someone in need.

For each sub purchased, Subway will donate $0.50 to KiwiHarvest. While this may not seem like much, it is the operating cost calculated by KiwiHarvest which would allow them to make sure a meal ends up in the hands of someone who needs it.

“Each donation will support us to deliver a meal for a Kiwi in need,” said KiwiHarvest CEO Debroah Manning. “It will help us deliver our mission of rescuing food and nourishing communities.”

KiwiHarvest provides an innovative way for businesses to redistribute excess good food. The charity works with food businesses from wholesalers to cafés and supermarkets, working as a conduit between the suppliers who donate the food and charities that KiwiHarvest believes can use the food in the most efficient way.

“Our job is to make sure the food gets there as quickly as possible,” said Manning. “No money changes hands. People are hungry in every town and every city across the world so we’re delighted that Subway chose to partner with us.”

While food rescue is the core focus of the charity, education and community engagement is also key to their philosophy.

The Live Feed initiative is worldwide, with over 40,000 Subway restaurants around the world taking part and donating to local charities. Subway eaters in the USA will contribute to Feeding America, while those in Australia will give donations to Frugal Feeds.

“Everybody wants to do good,” added Manning. “But sometimes we need to work together to make sure it happens.”

Subway Live Feed will be taking place at all 270 Subway restaurants in New Zealand.