The winner of the World's Best Cheese contest who has made consumers wait more than a year to taste it is finally ready.

Cornish Kern, a buttery cheese that won the global title in November 2017, says it is worth the 16 months of anticipation. The buttery medium-hard cheese beat an Italian Blu Di Bufala by just a few points, and there were no french cheese in the top four.

Made in southwest England's county of Cornwall—Cornish Kern topped 3,000 other cheeses for the global honour. Judges select the winner based on taste, colour, texture, consistency, rind and body of the cheese.

Using pasteurised cows' milk, Cornish kern is a Gouda cheese, with characteristics of cheddar, courtesy of Alpine starter cultures used by the producer, Catherine Mead at Lynher Dairies Cheese Co., near Truro, in England.