The Beer Spot seeks help to open new store

The Beer Spot seeks help in raising $40,000 to build and install a traffic island needed before the construction of its third store. The Beer Spot already has two locations, one in Huapai and the other in Northcote, but its third store, which is yet to open, is having trouble getting permission to go ahead.

The third store will be in Morningside, but for the bar to get up and running, the Auckland Council say that they need to build a traffic island out of their own pockets. On top of this, the traffic island is, unfortunately, one of many expenses The Beer Spot had to go through to gain consent. They also had a $3500 traffic report, a $2500 resource consent, and a $4500 noise control consultation.

Jason Payn, director of The Beer Spot, said, “The thing is if you say no you’re not going to get your resource consent. We’re here to provide a hospitality venue to celebrate New Zealand beers from all of the independent brewers around New Zealand. That’s our business, not civil works.” Payn has set up a Givealittle page to try and crowdfund the build of the traffic island.

“Nothing surprises us anymore. This will be the third branch we open. I’m always reading through the resource consent documents to see what you need to do and don’t have to do but to find a traffic island in there is a little bit gob-smacking.”

Payn suggested that there would be incentives for donors. Their names will be etched on the island, as well as memorialised on a plaque inside. There will also be regular events for donors.

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