Tamping It Up – Latest Innovation in Coffee Making

photo credit: Clockwork Espresso

Cafe's are demanding, fast-paced environments that require skills for precision and accuracy.

As all baristas know, tamping is one of the most finicky parts of making coffee. A good extraction greatly depends upon the correct amount of grind and a balanced tamp.

Clockwork Espresso has engineered the PUSH tamper which was designed to solve the three main difficulties with traditional tamping - precision, consistency, and ergonomics.

With incremental scale markings, the PUSH guarantees consistency from one barista to the next. To increase or decrease increments, simply unlock the handle, and turn until you find the right setting. Once set, PUSH ensures a consistent tamping pressure each and every time, which eliminates variability between tamps, decreasing increasing consistency of shots.

photo credit: Clockwork Espresso

Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are some of the most common injuries for baristas. This is mostly due to the unnatural posture and repetitive strain on particular muscles when tamping. PUSH is the only tamper designed to be ergonomic to reduce the risk of injury. The unique design allows baristas to apply pressure with an open palm, allowing the rest of the body to remain upright and relaxed.

Made of undeniable quality, this tamper is the baristas chef knife and could last a lifetime if looked after properly.

In over 55 countries, PUSH could be the future of manual tamping.