Small business shines at SIAL China

For nearly 20 years, small and medium-sized businesses have successfully used SIAL China as a launchpad for entering China and other Asian markets. Each year, these exhibitors bring their unique flavours and innovative products to the expo and attract professional buyers, sellers, and partners from around the world looking for that next product.

In 2018, a start-up company from the United Kingdom attending SIAL China for the first time received nearly 300 business leads during the three-day event. The company took full advantage of the SIAL Events in their first year, entering SIAL Innovation Awards competition and winning a bronze award for their innovative product and showcasing their product at the Wine Innovation Forum.

Today their largest partners in China are from that 60 percent and have helped the company's products get onto and Xiao Hong Shu, two of the most influential e-commerce platforms in China.

This story offers small and medium-sized exhibitors some important tips for making the most of their experience at SIAL China. According to the SIAL China 2018 survey, 88 percent of professional visitors at SIAL China are decision makers in their companies, including 27 percent having identified as CEOs or Chairmen.

“To seize every potential opportunity, we encourage all of the exhibitors to take full advantage of the unique platforms offered at SIAL China,” said Jim Liu, SIAL China CEO. “A great example is the Match-making System. By registering in the Match- Making System, it will help connect your business and products with hundreds of buyers, sellers, and potential partners attending SIAL China. In 2018 alone, the platform helped initiated 26,331 appointments.”

For those interested in marketing their products and attracting the attention of the 112,000 estimate professional visitors, SIAL China events are a strong platform worth considering. In addition to SIAL Innovation, which exhibitors can register their products for free, events like La Cuisine and Retail and Hospitality Forum may also offer exhibitors the opportunity to present their products and new ideas.

While the three-day event is the largest of its kind in Asia, SIAL China offers exhibitors customised services and opportunities to help promote their products in China and Asia all-year-round, including but not limited to SIAL China’s website, e-newsletter, popular social media platforms of WeChat and Weibo, as well as offline banner and outdoor advertisement board inside the venue. Taking social media promotion as an example, WeChat is one of China’s largest social media networks and mobile apps. The SIAL China WeChat account currently has 140,000 subscribers that are mostly industry insiders and publishes a column dedicated t exhibited products attracting high readerships and engagements. Exhibitors can consider working with SIAL China to create sponsored articles on the SIAL China WeChat account to sustain its exposure to potential Chinese partners and generate more leads beyond the exhibition.