SIAL Innovation finalists announced

SIAL China has announced the 10 finalists for the SIAL Innovation 2019 Award. The Gold/Silver/Bronze Prize winners will be announced during SIAL Innovation Awarding Ceremony on May 14.

Xavier Terlet, president and founder of XTC World Innovation, SIAL Innovation’s partner, announced the selection of the 10 finalists earlier today. The 10 finalists were chosen from 184 excellent and innovative products by Jury pre-selection.

The 10 prize-winning products all touch on developments that are important to Asian and Chinese food industry. Each product aims to bring enjoyment and pleasure to consumers through quality ingredients and product design. The jury considered health, packaging and customer convenience for selecting the SIAL Innovation Finalists. Each product will undoubtedly be popular with consumers in stores and restaurants.

The 10 finalists are:

Altas Oil Industry – Honeyed Hazelnut Paste, Turkey

Natural spread with nuts, honey and milk. Preservative and artificial additive free. Selected for the indulgent recipe with nuts, honey and milk.

Swiss Sustainable Coffee SA – Damath Bouillon, Switzerland

Natural broth in compostable pods for NESPRESSO machines. Capsules in PLA, biodegradable thermoplastic polyester. Selected for the vegetable and meat broth in compostable pods for Nespresso machines.


Refreshing drink with milk minerals. High calcium. Fat-free. Low sugar and calorie. Selected for the refreshing drink high in calcium and minerals in a modern design bottle.

SOLIGRANO – Vege Spelt Burger With Pepper and Linseed, Poland

Vegan burger made with cereals and vegetables, soy free. High nutrients. Meat free. Ready in 15 minutes. Selected for the meat-free vegan recipe and the sophisticated packaging.

SABAVA (CHINA) HEAD OFFICE – 100g Sabava Veggie Chips with Salted Egg Yolk and Fish Skin, China

Fish skin snacks with salted egg yolk. Rich in collagen and vitamins. With crispy and melt-in-the-mouth texture. No preservatives. Selected for the recipe.

INNER MONGOLIA YILI INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD – Gemice Sea Salt Avocado Ice Cream, China

Ice cream with avocado and sea salt. Selected for the indulgent and healthy recipe.

SAPPE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED – Job's Tear Drink with Job's Tear Pieces, Thailand

Plant drink with selected medicinal grain. Made with Job's tears (coix lacryma - jobi). Gluten and cholesterol free. Vegan. Selected for the use of Job's tears in plant drink.

BEYOND MEAT – Beyond Burger, USA

High-protein vegan burger, gluten and soy free. Non-GMO. Contains 20g plant protein per serving. Ready to cook. 2 pieces. Selected for the 100percent plant-based burger-style recipe of the product.

VALFLEURI, PREMIUM EGG PASTA - Valfleuri Tendr'Epices – Organic Vegetable Pasta, France

Organic pulse pasta with spices. European and AB certification. Vegan. Made in France. Selected for the recipe made with pulses and spices and the naturalness of the product.

FOODISTRY CO., LTD – Real Porridge (4 Species), South Korea

Porridge rich in vegetables in drink pouch to go. No sugar or additives. Can replace a meal. Selected for the plant-based recipe in convenient pouch.