Shocked by $7.30 coffee

An Auckland woman was left “dumbfounded” after being charged $7.30 for a coffee from Mojo in Vulcan Lane.

Michele, known only by her first name, ordered a large decaffeinated soy flat white to go.

“I should have walked out, but I just swiped my card in a bit of shock and put my pin number in,” she said. “$5.80, that's getting up there. I know you always pay more for decaf and soy milk, but usually only 50 cents - more than that is just ridiculous.”

While Michele claims to hold no grudges, she also said that she wouldn’t be returning and will instead try another of the numerous coffee outlets in the Auckland CBD.

“I just fail to see where it is justified, when other cafes don't [charge those prices].”

Mojo have not provided comment.