Boosted by business interests in Australia and Hawai’i, Restaurant Brands has released figures showing a lift in second-quarter sales.

Sales increased to $251 million in the quarter leading up to September 10 – a rise of 12 percent from the previous quarter. First-half sales are also 12 percent ahead on last year, sitting at $431 million.

The numbers were helped by the acquisition of 13 more KFC stores in Australia, although they were offset by the sale of five Pizza Hut stores to independent franchisees, resulting in a net gain of eight stores.

The focus on overseas interests has proven successful for New Zealand’s largest fast-food operator, with 47 percent of percent of total sales coming from offshore. Australia increased sales for $60.6 million, an increase of 44 percent, while Hawi’I increased sales 10 percent to reach $57.6 million.

KFC once again proved to be the largest earner, bringing in $104.3 million for the quarter and accounting for almost 80 percent of all New Zealand sales. Starbucks was the smallest earner of the brands, with $7 million only accounting for 2 percent of the company’s earning figures, and is soon to be sold to Tahua Capital.