Restaurant Association Releases Emergency Advice For North Island Businesses

Restaurant Association of New Zealand has released its advice for businesses in Upper North Island after a State of Emergency was declared for Auckland on January 27, following the ongoing impacts of severe weather and flooding.

For Auckland businesses that have been impacted by flooding, drain damage or stormwater issues, RA advises to log the issue online at Auckland Council.

If property has been damaged, businesses are encouraged to contact their insurers as soon as possible. Any damage should be photographed, and records of bills for urgent repairs should be kept as evidence.

Those with food waste are asked to consider donating the goods to charities like local City Missions, Kiwi Harvest, or Salvation Army. The organisations will facilitate food redistribution to those in need.

Businesses are reccommended to perform a food safety check. Fridges, freezers and ovens should be inspected for damage or spoiled food. Any produce that has been contaminated with flood water should be disposed of.

The quality of water supply and wastewater management should also be checked by consulting online with the updates of each region's water services.

For those seeking financial support - assistance and support are available from Work and Income and Civil Defence New Zealand.

RA members can seek support from the organisation's partner Westpac, or call the Restaurant Association helpline directly for help.

The full emergence advice guide is available on the Restaurant Association website.