The government has announced that the level 3 alert system will allow the reopening of hospitality establishments through restricted takeaway services. 

The Restaurant Association has been working closely with government on a contactless delivery and pick up plan which gives the hospitality industry an opportunity to generate some revenue whilst their shop fronts remain closed.

It will also allow diners the opportunity to use their local hospitality businesses as a means to get food provisions for themselves and other members of their family who may be struggling to access food through other essential food services. 

“The ability to offer takeaway and delivery services offers our industry a lifeline in the lockdown, it’s not a full solution and will not suit all industry but it may help keen some business a float where it is appropriate,” noted Restaurant Association CEO Marisa Bidoi.

“New Zealand has so far remained an international outlier in terms of contactless and kerbside food delivery options, despite many countries maintaining these while under similar lockdown conditions.”

Bidois has presented the Contactless Delivery Programme to the Epidemic Response Committee, government ministers, MBIE and MPI and once the details have been finalised it will be made available to all 2300 of its members.

The programme includes guidelines for how production, delivery, drive through and pick-ups will work.

“Hospitality businesses are used to working to strict food control plans and we do not anticipate that the additional guidelines will cause our members any issues, many of whom are anxious to get back into the establishments,” continued Bidois.

“The easing of restrictions on our sector will also allow them to play a valuable role in feeding their communities which we know will be welcome to so many Kiwis who need this service.” 

The Restaurant Association contactless delivery plan key points are:

  • Online or phone contactless ordering
  • Restricted menus and minimal staff in kitchens to prepare orders
  • Description of safe spot for leaving package
  • Delivery drivers to be wearing gloves and face masks
  • Delivery driver to knock on door and send text when food has arrived and ensure that the food is taken inside the property but watch from a 2 metre distance

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