In a New Zealand first, coffee cups across the country will be collected and recycled into paper from today, thanks to the introduction of Detpak’s RecycleMe System. The award-winning collection system provides a solution for the coffee industry by guaranteeing all collected paper cups will be recycled into copy paper. New Zealand is currently sending over 200 million cups to landfill every year.

The revolutionary RecycleMe takeaway cups feature a next-generation lining that can be easily removed from the cup to ensure recyclability within standard pulping processes.

Detpak manager of marketing group brands Anna Falkiner said the RecycleMe System promotes a longer life for paper cups and supports a circular economy to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value for as long as possible.

“Our RecycleMe collection system is a total end to end solution, turning takeaway cups into recycled copy paper, and contributing to positive global environmental change,” she said.

In New Zealand, Detpak has aligned with The Information Management Group (TIMG) who are part of the Freightways group of companies to collect, sort and guarantee recycling of the cups.

General manager of TIMG Ben Pryor said it was exciting to be a part of a true environmental solution for takeaway coffee cups.

“TIMG NZ are excited to partner with Detpak to align on this fantastic sustainability initiative,” he said. “TIMG NZ currently service an extensive network of over 10,000 locations nationwide as part of our existing document destruction service. The collection of RecycleMe cups will be seamlessly incorporated into the current TIMG distribution network.”

The RecycleMe System provides a holistic solution, with front of house collection stations also incorporating a lid collection with a guarantee the coffee cup lids will also be recycled.