Pop-Up Pizza Place to Open Permanently

A quirky pizza pop-up which became popular with Lyttelton locals in post-earthquake Christchurch is opening permanently next month.

After a three-year hiatus, Arbour Bar is returning as one of the first fully commercial buils in Lyttelton since the quakes. The building includes a completely clear roof and unique plant design as its arborist owners aim to make it feel like a giant glasshouse.

Owners, Megan and Ra Hancox-Hammer are also planning to raise their own pigs and cure their own meat for the menu of the restaurant which will feature a 120 years old fishing boat as its bar top.

Hoping to offer ‘pizza you can’t get anywhere else’, the restaurant will boast two dedicated pizza chefs who will aim to make everything in-house from New Zealand-made and grown products.

“We’ve had a lot of challenges during the build. The pop-up was part of the community for many years and the anticipation and constant encouragement has kept us going,” Megan Hancox-Hammer said.

“We are aiming to be fully sustainable, using local breweries, wineries and food producers.”

The crew hope to have Arbour Bar ready to open next month with the site also to be used as a live music venue and community space.