Jonny McKessar and Steve Vanderput opened Pollen a week ago on 55 Shortland street after several months of building work. Previous owners of Scratch Bakers, 3 Beans coffee, Wai Kitchen as well as Weirdough & Tuck and Scullery, Vanderput also previously owned Toru and Teed Street larder. The idea came about when they were approached by an agent wanting a good operator for a refurbishment of the lobby area and they now operate 5 CBD locations.

Andy Mcgregor is the executive chef of the company and with Vanderput (who designed the menu) they run all the kitchens. They have designed the layout of cabinetry and furniture in the space with help from our designer Laura Smith. Their best sellers so far are the open omelette with prosciutto and melon and their waffles with chocolate soil. There’s no theme, but it is an outstanding designed menu given their kitchen and storage space. They also have plans to open another espresso bar in two months at The Britomart Project.