One-third of Brits have not showed up to a restaurant booking

In a study conducted by OpenTable, a whopping 33.7 percent of UK diners revealed that they have failed to turn up to a restaurant booking without letting the venue know. Interestingly enough, there was a slight difference between online bookings and phone reservations. OpenTable noted that 4.4 percent of online bookings fell through in comparison to 4.6 percent of the phone reservations.

OpenTable hopes to be able to educate diners about the run-on effect that not showing up has on the restaurant industry. 16-24-year olds were the age group most likely to not show up, with 25 percent of them responding that they regularly don’t show up.

The reasons for no-shows are variable, but the most common factor was that they had to cancel too last minute for them to call ahead. A sixth of men said that they didn’t know how to cancel their booking, and 40 percent of women blamed their memory. Although it is a relatively common occurrence, 71 percent of people said they had felt guilty about not showing up.