New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Gin

Distiller Beth Scott adds her name to Reefton Distilling Co.’s new limited release.

Distiller Beth Scott is extremely proud to add her name to Reefton Distilling Co.’s new limited release Little Biddy Gin – Cask Aged (Port).  Handcrafted in the small West Coast town of Reefton, surrounded by the Brunner, Paparoa and Victoria ranges, this exclusive gin is vapour infused with 13 botanicals, five of which are foraged fresh from the West Coast rainforest surrounding the distillery.

This new spirit is Reefton Distilling Co.’s third Cask Aged Gin and the second crafted by Distiller, Beth Scott.

Scott grew up on the West Coast in the small rural settlement of Jacobs River.  A graduate from the University of Otago, Scott holds a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Food Science, minoring in Marketing.  On graduating, Scott further developed her food science skills working in laboratories in the Dairy Industry, before moving into New Product Development.

Scott made a career move to take up a role as Assistant Distiller at Reefton Distilling Co. a little under two years ago and says that her feet haven’t touched the ground since.  Reefton Distilling Co.’s founder and chief executive Patsy Bass, who set up the distillery to create jobs for local people, said that on meeting Scott she knew instantly that she was right for the role.  A few weeks later Scott was completing her induction.

Having already assisted the distillery achieve a raft of awards both nationally and internationally, Scott’s skill set sees her well placed in her role as Distiller, which includes new product development.  Scott says that she loves working with natural ingredients and the unique characteristics that the different botanicals bring to the flavour of each gin.

New Zealand’s Most Exclusive Gin

This single batch, limited release gin is limited to only 343 bottles, each bears its own unique number and is hand signed by the Distiller.

Having rested in a rich and flavourful Oak cask, Little Biddy Gin – Cask Aged (Port) emerges a rich autumnal gold. Scott explained how the ageing process is a key factor in the development of the flavour of this unique Gin, as is patience, with the Distiller carefully watching, sampling, and waiting for the spirit to reach the right note ready for bottling.

Tasting Notes: Little Biddy Gin – Cask Aged (Port) is imbued with notes of rich, spiced fruit cake and maple, complemented by citrus and finished with warming clove and cinnamon.

“We have elevated the native flavours that our botanicals have granted this gin, taking the Little Biddy Gin experience to the loftiest heights of the West Coast Rainforest,” Scott commented.

When asked for a serving suggestion Scott says that Little Biddy Gin – Cask Aged (Port) is best served in your favourite glass over a large cube of ice.

At 47% abv and at RRP $249.99 per 700ml bottle, this limited release is New Zealand’s most exclusive gin.   Presented in an elegant presentation box, hand made in New Zealand, Little Biddy Gin – Cask Aged (Port) is available while stocks last at select stores nationally.