Edo Pitzalis has been appointed as the new head chef at local Italian restaurant Augustus Bistro.

Pitzalis was brought up in Sardinia and Northern Italy and lived there for most of his twenties. Since moving to New Zealand, he has held positions at various award-winning restaurants including The Archive at Mudbrick, Three Seven Two, Bracu and The Shed at Te Motu.

The bistro’s new menu mirrors the chef’s authentic, regional Italian style of cooking combined with a contemporary Kiwi twist. Local famed regional produce is used in the dishes, and modern fusions like Mediterranean kimchi and cashew cheese can be seen in the menu.

“I enjoy taking the ingredients of a traditional dish and individually preparing them in a modern way, using different cooking techniques,” shared Pitzalis. “Once all the ingredients are brought back together on the plate, the aromas and flavours remind me of what I used to eat growing up - but the look is completely different. Simple and delicious!”


A key theme in Pitzalis’ new menu is his reinvention of traditional recipes combined with a different flavour, and his use of seasonally available ingredients.

Dishes from Augustus Bistro's new menu