Nando’s Best Seller Has Flown the Coop

Nando’s has temporarily shut approximately 50 outlets overseas due to shortages of its famous peri peri chicken.

Customers were quick to vent online, complaining about the closures.

Nando’s replied on Twitter: “The UK supply chain is having a bit of a [night]’mare right now. This is having a knock-on effect with some of our restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales. We’re doing everything we can to get the Peri-Peri back where it belongs – on your plates!”

All supply chains across the UK, food or otherwise, have been struggling due to staff having to isolate if they had been in contact with someone with coronavirus.

Arla had to cut back on milk deliveries to supermarkets due to driver shortages as well, leaving some supermarkets low on stock.

KFC also reported supply issues.

The problem extends beyond the foodservice industry, affecting car manufacturers and transport operators. Road haulage companies were already lacking drivers before the shortages.

From this week, full vaccinated staff will not be required to isolate – something the government hopes will help ease some pressure.

Nando’s offered some of its staff to help suppliers, though it is unknown whether the offer was accepted or what they would be doing.