Cafes Caught Off-Guard By Snap Lockdown

Small businesses in Southland were caught off-guard by the Government announcing another national level four lockdown.

Black Shag Café co-owners Sylvie Boutelje-Chasteau and Dion Milanesi said this lockdown crept up on them more than the last one in 2020.

The nation is under lockdown for three days, but Auckland and Coromandel will remain in level four for seven days.

Most of Black Shag’s food would last a few days, Boutelje-Chasteau said, but they don’t want to give it away in case they can open on Saturday. On the other hand, if the lockdown extends, the food will have perished.

The Batch Café's co-owner said it was different this time, as last year there was 24 hours' notice. Everyone had the chance to sell their stock to minimise losses, but cafes and restaurants are full of food this time.

Despite the costs to business owners, the damage Covid-19 could do would be much worse, and many are grateful for the Government's swift response.