Menu Inspiration | The King’s Favourite Quiche

With King’s Birthday Weekend starting on the 3rd of June, it’s time to mark the momentous occasion in style.

This being the very first King’s Birthday Weekend for the newly coronated King Charles III, a spot of lunch would very much be on the cards. Luckily due to the coronation being only a short time ago, there is still an opportunity to make the famous Coronation Quiche.

Specially crafted for the occasion, the Coronation Quiche is said to be a favourite of King Charles himself. The recipe is straightforward: eggs, cream, milk, chopped tarragon, cheddar, spinach, and broad beans. This makes a deep quiche with a crisp pastry base and works well when paired with a salad or other condiments.

The Kings Quiche was met with a somewhat mixed response from the British public, especially following the success of Coronation Chicken, which was created for his Mother’s Coronation in 1953.

On the back of the Coronation Quiche, why not try a few other styles, and incorporate different types of vegetables, cheeses, and meats?

Goats cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomato create a blissful combination of savoury flavours and are delicious. Add some spice if you want to make the quiche more exotic.

A chicken and asparagus quiche has a spicy taste, with a cajun seasoning added to the mix. This also offers an international flavour and will appeal to those wanting something different than usual.

Now broccoli isn’t everyone’s favourite vegetable, but it's hard to refuse when added to a quiche. Broccoli and cheese make for a splendid combination and are also nutritious. It becomes a delicious vegetarian dish when baked with milk, cream, and eggs.

This King’s Birthday weekend, opt for a classic but give it a twist.