Meet the Owner: Matilda Lee, Butter Baby

Ever since a young age, Matilda Lee has always loved baking. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and refining her bakery skills by getting feedback from family and friends for her creations, Lee opened up her own bakery, Butter Baby.

As a small artisan home bakery, Butter Baby prides itself on jazzing up old-school comfort baked goods. Its main mission is to bring together people with good food.

"We love having the privilege of creating memorable moments and friendships over something as simple as a chocolate chip cookie".

Born in Singapore but raised in Auckland, Lee grew up surrounded by both Kiwi and Asian cultures, an influence present in Butter Baby's products. Items like the Pandan cake and Pandan and Sago donuts, are all odes to her Singaporean heritage and flavours she grew up enjoying with family and friends.

Lee is proud that her Pandan and Sago donut was recently nominated to be part of Auckland's Top 100 Iconic Eats.

"It's quite hard to find the Pandan flavour in Auckland, but we're honoured to be able to showcase a flavour we love and grew up with. Our customers really love an iconic taste of home".

During lockdown, Lee noticed that donuts with creative flavours were a massive trend in the baking space. Butter Bakery offers a rotation of 20 brioche donut flavours, including Ube, Strawberry Cheesecake and Boston Cream.

Lee's favourite bakery treat to make are "cinny buns", her take on the American cinnamon bun.  The sweet fluffy bun is rolled with Butter Baby's special cinnamon sugar mixture and smooth vanilla cream cheese frosting.

"The smell out of the oven is indescribable and it is always a crowd favourite".

When she is not working, Lee loves to eat out with friends and family. The process of trying out new food items often inspires her to create new flavours and products.

In early 2023, Lee is opening up a flagship kitchen in West Auckland.