Meet Jamie Orr-Tobin & Sara Maurer, Odd Saint

For Jamie Orr-Tobin and Sara Maurer, creating a space where everyone could feel welcomed and included was of the utmost importance for them when it came to managing Odd Saint. 

"Leave your worries at the door and come have a cuppa with us," said Maurer.

For Orr-Tobin and Maurer, their progression into the hospitality world was natural. They both began as kitchen hands at a young age and then worked their way up from there. Orr-Tobin and her husband Matt became the proud co-owners of Odd Saint, while Orr-Tobin also doubles as the venue manager with Maurer by her side as the assistant manager.

Odd Saint's food can be described as 'global soul food', influenced by worldly travels - approachable yet adventurous. The atmosphere can be considered friendly, playful and light. 

For Orr-Tobin and Maurer, the people are the most rewarding aspect of their job. Providing friendly service is key to everything they do, and they are always trying to craft a unique approach to their service. Their open-plan kitchen allows for customer and worker interactions which is encouraged by everyone.

"It means a lot to us to see our guests take their time to talk with the chefs and thank them personally for their meals with our open kitchen plan. It means our guests have had such a positive experience that they take the time to thank the chefs, who don't always get to hear it first-hand. It's a huge compliment to our whole team," Orr-Tobin explained.

Through their work, they have built solid relationships with suppliers, which has helped them sufficiently keep track of produce each month and allow things to run smoothly for them most days.

When they are not working, Orr-Tobin and Maurer love getting out in the sunshine, enjoying a hike or day trip nearby, finishing the day with a glass of champagne, and fantasising about overseas travel and exotic food. 

The two have known each other for around ten years. Through that time, they have explored many countries together, like Mexico, Cuba, Germany and Bali, hoping to visit Egypt, rediscover Mexico and return to Europe for a refreshing spritz.

They advise anyone entering the hospitality world to always act with kindness, stay positive and let go of the negatives. Plenty is to be enjoyed, so don't sweat the small stuff and make the most of each workday.

"Finding pride in what you do with such a rewarding job. We're not solving the world's problems, but you can brighten someone's day and make a difference in their life, and that is everything," expressed Maurer.

Creating a successful synergy from brunch to dinner is the next step for this establishment, allowing for longer hours and a more extensive menu. Stay tuned for that.