Meet The Chef | Marcello Farioli, I Maccheroni

Born and bred in Northern Italy, Marcello Farioli grew up in a big family where the hospitality bug was one he picked up at an early age.

Then came the genuine passion for the food, wine, and performing under the social pressure that comes intrinsically with the job. Farioli has worked his way from a bartender to a waiter and now, as a chef.

With a modern Italian cuisine approach to the regional traditional Italian food, I Maccheroni provides a cosy environment with the food to match.

"I think the quality of the pasta is second to none, and with the quality of our service, our restaurant is a rare gem in the Sydney Hospitality scene," said Farioli.

Alongside the restaurant where many locals dine, I Maccheroni runs intimate cooking classes where people can learn how to make ravioli, gnocchi or other memorable Italian meals.

These cooking classes allow people to learn a new skill and take it home for their friends or family.

Farioli and his team have come up with innovations, such as their Negroni Cheese Cake, shaped like an Orange fruit, which gained popularity to combat the challenges of inflation and the lack of labour.

I Maccheroni has been in business for ten years and won Australia's best informal Italian Restaurant in 2019.

Outside the kitchen, Farioli is often with his wife and three children.

Farioli wants to implement an online shopping experience where people can purchase local Italian produce sourced through Imaccheroni, ensuring quality and sustainability.

"I would love to continue sharing Italian produce with those in Sydney and provide them with the best Italian food," said Farioli.