Meet the Bakers: Laura Metcalf and Kelsie Culpan, Mor Bakery

Laura Metcalf and Kelsie Culpan met at Auckland University of Technology in the pastry kitchens. Having both graduated with a diploma in a patisserie in 2015, the pair joined the industry. Metcalf worked in Melbourne, and Culpan worked in London, experiencing different parts of the pastry world before reuniting back in Auckland in 2021 to open Mor Bakery.

With joyful childhood memories shaping both Metcalf and Culpan, the idea of baking goods recycled old warm memories and provided people with the opportunity to taste the flavors reminiscent of their early years. 

“I quickly came to love the feeling of bringing people joy through food,” said Metcalf.

Understanding that what Mor Bakery provides is not a need, but a want, they rarely go a day without appreciating the support of their customers.

Some of the most rewarding aspects are expressed through their experiences with customers. One story stands out during the Christmas season when a customer paid for another customer’s pastry, simply because she didn’t want her to miss out.

The customer’s love and appreciation for the pastries are a result of Metcalf’s and Culpan’s approach to baking. Prioritising organization and tidiness, the two share similar values. This allows them to spend more time focusing on the quality of the product, rather than quantity and is reflected in their well-designed goods. 

While almond croissants remain to be a fan favorite, Mor Bakery also collaborated with Duck Island to create a limited edition almost croissant ice cream. This product garnered so much noise that they couldn’t keep up with demand. 

Another fan favorite is their rosettes which have ever-changing flavors and different jams, creams, and sugars. These are also a personal favorite for the bakers. 

“Our main goal has always been to open a physical store. Having a retail space for us would mean less time focusing on logistics, and more time spent on creativity and interacting with our wonderful customers.”