McDonald’s to stop lobbying against minimum wage increases

McDonald’s Corp. is said to cease lobbying against proposals to increase the minimum wage in the United States. Genna Gent, vice president, U.S. Government relations at McDonald’s, said, “Going forward, McDonald’s Corporation will not use our resources, including our lobbyists or staff, to oppose minimum wage increases at the federal, state or local levels, nor will we participate in association advocacy efforts designed expressly to defeat wage increases.”

This move is McDonald’s latest attempt to appear as a friendlier and more hospitable employer. McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has been making concerted efforts to become a “modern, progressive burger company”. The shift in stance concerning minimum wage could create a disparity between McDonald’s and its franchisees who believe that the rising labour costs and company required remodels, along with a push to lower prices, will be squeezing margins.