McDonald’s is embracing technology and trends by expanding their Snapchat presence through ‘Snaplications,’ which allows people to apply for a job at the fast food giant. Applicants can make a ten second video of themselves with a special Snap-filter which depicts them in a McDonald’s uniform. While ten seconds may not seem like quite enough time to accurately gauge character, the company will reply to the initial application snap with a link to the McDonalds website, where the potential employee can complete the process. "For young people who apply to McDonald's, it's normally their first job," said Mark Wheeler, McDonald’s Australia digital director. "Really, when we're assessing the opportunity for them to come and join our 100,000 crew base, we're really looking at attitude and enthusiasm. I think within 10 seconds, we can get that across." McDonald’s is the largest youth employer in Australia, and Wheeler says that it is important to reach “happy, smiley” people through a range of means. ‘Snaplications’ is accessible via its Snapchat code.