McClure’s Bread & Butter pickles

Detroit-based pickle experts, McClure’s Pickles, have released a new take on the classic southern pickle flavour with their Bread & Butter pickle. The name, ‘Bread & Butter’ is derived from the legend that should these pickles be consumed with just bread and butter, they are substantial enough to be considered a meal.

McClure’s Bread & Butter pickles are sweetened with pure cane sugar and layered with garlic and dill. They make the perfect addition to any burger, sandwich, or a snack straight from the jar.

Currently, there are six existing McClure’s products available in New Zealand including the Sweet & Spicy crinkle cut pickle, the Garlic & Dill picks, Pickle Spears, Whole Spicy Pickles, Spicy Pickle Spears and the Bloody Mary mix.

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