Matty Matheson’s Culinary Code for Courting

Matty Matheson has very quickly skyrocketed to internet stardom. His lively personality and “nothing-bothers-me” approach to life cemented himself as one of the new-age chefs of modern cuisine.

Through his appearances on various shows, including VICE’s Munchies, Viceland’s It’s Suppertime and Dead Set on Life, Matheson has garnered a cult following, introducing many youths to the culinary world.

Matheson’s personal journey, both with food, and general day-to-day life appeals to younger generations, where becoming a chef may not seem like a “trendy” vocation. This comes through in Matheson’s punk-ish appearance, his down-to-earth nature, and the passion that he so easily conveys and imparts to/on his viewers.


Although Matheson is married with two kids, his culinary guide to dating life provides insight that aspiring chefs may look to head—especially if they are thinking about sparking some romance.

“Being a bachelor,” Matheson told GQ Australia, “there’s nothing better than making a giant pot of spaghetti or spaghetti sauce. If I was a poor student in college, just running around and having fun, dropping in and out of school or whatever, making a giant pot of spaghetti is so easy. Just cooking the onions and the garlic and that stuff, chopping up some carrots and then some tomato paste, browning the beef, then throwing some canned tomatoes on top…” Matheson also said how versatile something like this is. “I hate eating leftovers, so if I were to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce, the first night I’d make spaghetti, and I’d eat it with spaghetti noodles. Then the next night, if I had any leftover, I’d take it out, put it in a casserole dish, cover the whole thing in cheese and parmesan, and then I have lasagna. It’s a different texture—a different vibe.”

Moving on from bachelorhood and experimenting in the kitchen is an essential step for any young man; not only to impress dates but to learn basic recipes that adults should know. On the ‘trying to impress someone’ phase, Matheson said, “If you’re trying to impress someone, I’d think you’d wanna make a really nice light, vegetable salad. Light dressing, not too garlicky, not too oniony, have some nice cheese, have some fresh fruit, maybe even make a nice soup.”

“I don’t know; it doesn’t really matter. You could be with a girl, and she wants to make chilli cheese dogs, who knows? It’s a matter of making something that’s true to yourself and making something that you’ve done a few times already, so you don’t mess it up. Nobody wants to be bogged down by a big, heavy, greasy meal, you know?”

When things start getting serious, Matheson doesn’t think it boils down to a specific item. “It can go both ways. There’s something vulnerable about watching someone cook who’s really nervous but really trying. But there’s also something really sexy about someone who’s really confident and in their own world, and you just see that they’re so natural. If you can get those kinds of vibes, who knows? You could make an amazing curry, or a butter chicken roti, or imagine eating a really beautiful Asian bouillabaisse with Szechuan chilli and tons of fish in it… For me, the food is secondary to the attitude of the era. I’m always attracted to watching the process of how everything comes together. You can eat something and be like ‘yeah, that’s really good. You nailed it.’, but it’s about the process and watching that’s really attractive to me.”

As Matheson explained in reference to the long-term love, “I just want something hot.” Matheson described how his wife makes amazing mashed potatoes, and that when combined with some roasted meat and gravy, he would be satisfied. “I’m a real beef and potatoes kind of guy. I grew up that way, and I’ve kind of reverted back to that. I also bought a really nice rice cooker, and it makes really good sushi rice, so we’ll have that with a good piece of fish and some pickles, maybe some kimchi, but I don’t know, most of the time I’m just into meat and potatoes.”

Given Matheson’s current home-life, catering to the palettes of young children is something that every young bachelor must eventually think about. “Tonight, Mack [Matheson’s son], ate a little bit of what we ate, and then sometimes we’ll make him, like little pizzas on bagels. It is what it is. Like, I don’t expect him to smash through a plate of fruit. What I want is for him just to try food, and you know, he’ll start eating when he starts eating. Soon we’ll get to the point where we’ll be like, ‘okay Mack, you gotta stop eating kids stuff,’ but he’s still a kid for now.”


To hear more about Matheson, and his life in the culinary spotlight, he is visiting New Zealand soon. He will be in Wellington on Saturday the 29th of June, and in Auckland on Monday the 1st of July.