Melbourne-based start-up, Removify, is looking at ways in which negative online feedback can be mitigated before damage is done to a business’s reputation. With the ease of voicing an opinion in today’s world, cafés and restaurants often suffer at the hands of keyboard warriors. From the comfort of one’s home, harsh feedback can be laid against an establishment over menial things—often denting the online image of a place, or crushing the confidence of its owners.

Removify helps by liaising with providers of the online platforms, like Google, and representing the business to get feedback taken down that have taken things too far or are perhaps entirely unwarranted. Additionally, with a lot of reviews being posted by fake accounts, Removify works with the platforms to remove these, as well. Removify is unique, as they work specifically in the field of representing businesses in this exact scenario, making it a useful tool for a busy café or restaurant owner. And while they cannot remove justified comments that may be bad, they understand what does and doesn’t violate terms and conditions—something that everyone may not be aware of.