FED makes nutritious freshly prepared meals and delivers them to Kiwi homes across the North Island. Now it has set up a prioritised ordering system and employee discount for those working in essential services.

FED meals are all made using high-quality ingredients, high welfare meat and fish, and premium produce that is locally sourced.

Fully prepared meals are available on a subscription service for two-five nights per week, delivered twice weekly on Sundays and Thursdays. There are four seasonal menus per year with regular weekly specials and change outs. An on the go option is also available for customers looking for a more on demand service.

Orders are taken on an easy to navigate mobile optimised site. A selection of meals are freezable, reducing waste and giving customers the option to store meals away for future.

Meals are  also packaged in a mix of recyclable and compostable packaging.

To apply, healthcare professionals and essential workers should go to where they will be asked to submit their information before being sent a discount code.

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