With Italian grandparents, Guillaume Nicoli was never far from the kitchen and loved to watch his family cook traditional Italian and French dishes. Later studying under the master and award-winning chocolatier patissier Thierry Mulhaupt, Guillaume Nicoli knew that he would one day open a patisserie of his own.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Nicoli found himself in New Zealand after friends convinced him to come over to join them. He soon found himself working for some of Auckland’s top restaurants, however, not as a pastry chef. He knew it was time to start something of his own and with the encouragement from his wife and business partner began making his beloved macarons for restaurants and cafes.

Quintessentially French, macarons are not only delicious but very much labour intensive. Production of the macarons grew to over 10,000 a week with cafes and restaurants loving the flavour and taste of Nicoli’s macaron creations. The macarons are still all handmade and assembled in Auckland.

Besides their delicate texture and iconic shape, the beauty of macarons is that they can be made in an infinite variety of flavours and colours. Always looking to innovate, Nicoli recently unveiled a whole new range of ‘fusion’ macarons which blend both French and New Zealand flavours including passionfruit, peanut butter and jelly, lemon ginger and milo and cookie cream.

Ma Cherie has one retail store in Ponsonby, Auckland and a commercial kitchen in Sylvia Park where the outstanding pastries and incredible macarons are made.

If you wish to order for your establishment please contact Guillaume at