Los Angeles bans self-service straw dispensers

Under a recent law passed by the City Council, restaurants in Los Angeles will no longer be able to use self-service plastic straw dispensers. Quick service restaurants have also been asked to hold off on providing plastic straws to customers unless they specifically ask for one.

This new legislation is aimed at off-premise business, as customers who are getting takeaways can still be asked whether or not they want a straw. Customers dining in cannot automatically be provided on, however.

Food and beverage operations that employ more than 26 people will see the law come into effect as of April 22nd; however, fines will not be issued for noncompliance until October 1st. October 1st will also mark the beginning of the Statewide ban for all sizes of restaurants. Removing straws is another attempt to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastics into the oceans.