Looking For a Butter Alternative? Voila, it’s Vutter

Chefs can now serve their delicious buttery foods without having to use margarine or other tasteless oils to cater to growing dairy-free and vegan diets.

Vutter is the perfect alternative for restaurants and cafés, it can be cooked at high temperatures, it’s great for platters, baking, or any other way you would normally use butter. It can be frozen and if kept in butter conditioner in the fridge it's soft and easily spreadable.

It tastes delicious, it cooks, fries and bakes and it’s made right here in New Zealand!

Vutter does NOT contain nuts, soy, gluten, grains or other common allergens and is made with real food ingredients.

You can use Vutter

  • As a spread
  • Cooking / Frying (Vutter doesn't burn in high temperatures like butter does)
  • Finishing off dishes (risotto, mashed potatoes)
  • As a topping (on sweet corn, baked potatoes)
  • Bechamel / Roux
  • Hollandaise sauce (and other butter-based sauces)
  • Popcorn
  • Buttercream
  • Caramel / butter scotch
  • Baking / Raw baking (scones, cakes, slices)

Available through felizwholefoods.co.nz