Kiwis Helping Kiwis

A big shout out to the innovative heart of hospitality, Burns & Ferrall for their support helping Brown Buttabean (BBM) pack food packages for Kiwis in need.

The BBM approach is unlike anything you see in the health and well-being sector. Everything it provides in order to make a difference in the community is FREE.

BMM is not after anything other than to better the lives of those that society has left behind, to give them a push-start to get back on track. The origin point for future success begins with health.

Since the current lockdown in Auckland began on the 17th of August, BMM has helped 29,810 individuals, delivering 560 food parcels per week to families and community groups while also hosting four COVID-19 Community Health Education events.

Burns & Ferrall jumped on board to help BMM in their worthy cause, a beautiful example of businesses and community coming together to help the most vulnerable.