Rethink has recently launched ‘Bread Bags’ to its range of reusable shopping bags. These environmentally pure bags complement Rethink’s existing products, which provide consumers with practical and convenient solutions to avoid single-use alternatives.
Available for both block loaves and baguettes, the Bread Bags are made from unbleached, certified organic cotton canvas. The bread is kept fresh by absorbing moisture and preventing mould; then, as the product ages and dries out, the loaf re-absorbs the moisture from the bag, keeping it fresher for longer.
Rethink’s products can be found in several retailers all across New Zealand, and have been adopted by renowned Auckland’s French Market, ‘La Cigale’ Parnell. “At the request of several customers, we asked our string bag supplier to come up with a reusable bag. After several prototypes, we’re know selling the result,” said La Cigale in a statement.
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