Jamie Oliver has revealed that he no longer has any money with which to bail out his struggling empire of Italian food restaurants. Last September the television chef bailed out his chain to the tune of NZ$25 million but has now claimed that if he restaurants needed help, they would have to go elsewhere.

"I haven't got any more [money],” he said. “I tried to do the right thing, I've never been paid by the restaurant group, I've always reinvested. My living was always the other side."

While Oliver denied he was broke, he admitted that he didn’t have the necessary funds to sponsor another bailout.

"There's a point where I can't put the other side of the business at risk as well and the people who work there. The upside is I am now fully in control of the restaurant business. It's fully owned by me. We're getting on top of it and we've learned lots of lessons."