Italian restaurant hammers diners with large bill

Caffe Vaticano, a café located opposite the Vatican Museum in Rome, has come under fire for allegedly charging around $140 for a simple meal. According to the TripAdvisor page, the café has received so much heat for the online backlash that they have had to suspend the page for Caffe Vaticano temporarily.

A photo of a receipt of two diner’s meals showed that they were charged €81.40 (NZ$139.15) for a meal that consisted of two hamburgers, two cappuccinos and an Americano. On top of that, they were also charged €7.40 for a service fee.

Many people are taking to online forums to defend the diners saying that the prices are ridiculous and that the service is also terrible. However, there are also a few people who are saying that if they had checked the TripAdvisor website before going, it could have been foreseen.