“The most important aspect of a good point of sales system is simplicity,” said Jonny McKenzie, founder of posBoss. “It should be quick and easy for your team to capture sales with minimal errors; providing them more time to spend on customer service.”

What posBoss offers its client is an insider insight. Everyone who works at posBoss has worked in hospitality. As a company, they understand the challenges owners and staff face in hospitality operations, and they work to find solutions to these exact problems.

“We pride ourselves on making our customers feel in control of their business. Taking only hours to get set up and running, posBoss is not about labouriously reading tech manuals or days spent training your staff. We make sure that when we build new functionality, it comes without the technical language.” posBoss ensure that their customers can remain focussed on what is important to their businesses, improving sales and fostering relationships with their customers.

Investing in a sound POS system is about making sure that the business is running seamlessly. “A good POS system should pay itself back in the opening month by helping you process transactions quickly, provide effective communication between front of house and kitchen teams, up-sell, hit targets, and save hours of administrative headaches.” Selecting a POS system that suits a business’ needs will save the owner a myriad of time and money. Selecting the right technology will lead to a smooth-running operation; a business owner opens up the opportunity for improved sales and high employee morale.

The POS system of the future is one that can harness flexibility. “With tech changes in payment and mobile/online ordering, along with customer demands to know more about produce, legacy systems will struggle to stay relevant due to the foundations they have been built on. To keep relative, they will require expensive software and hardware updates matched with ugly long-term contracts.”

“Our goal at posBoss is to support a healthy, thriving hospitality industry. We want to see our restaurateurs grow and reach their goals; helping them by being reliable, simple and supportive POS buddy on their journey. As posBoss, we are here for hospo.”