Bakery café franchise Muffin Break believes that its preparation sets the best brews apart and their holistic coffee production process is what keeps customers coming back.

Coffee production has been astutely managed since the bakery café first set up shop in New Zealand in 1994.

The brand has specially developed a unique blend expertly brewed by highly trained baristas and its quality assurance procedures ensure the perfect bean before they are even roasted.

The unique master blend is sourced from five different coffee growing regions worldwide, each delivery different qualities and flavour profiles.

“Coffee drives around half of our customers through the door,” said Muffin Break’s head of coffee Jeremy Regan. “It is a vital part of our business. In all the best coffee shops the coffee takes centre stage and that’s the case at Muffin Break.”

Muffin Break baristas begin with an intensive online training course before they are even allowed to touch an espresso machine, and once training is completed, they then spend time with an experienced barista, learning and practising extraction and milk texturing techniques.