A new study released by the National Institute of Health suggests that men who drink at least two cups of coffee a day are more likely to become fathers with the chances of getting their partner pregnant increasing. The study which looked over 500 couples who were trying to conceive found that its male participants who were drinking two or more cups of coffee a day the week before the couple had sex had double the chance of conceiving.

“We were somewhat surprised by the results through the research on male caffeine intake and its effects on fertility is pretty mixed. These results highlight the importance of lifestyle factors in both male and female partners during sensitive windows of reproduction to influence fecundability, and the need for appropriate preconception guidance for couples seeking pregnancy,” said Dr Sunni Munford, lead author.

Professor Sheena Lewis of Queens University in Belfast states that the results showed that the increased caffeine intake prevented chemicals from breaking down so more energy was available to cells including sperm so they can swim faster or longer.