Flavour Burst was born 26 years ago. Its roots stem from NZ owned Hauraki BCL which has a history of over one 150 years of masterfully blending and creating beverages. Flavour Burst’s new Gourmet/Fun Shake and Toppings range is the latest craft to be created from the Master Mixologist in the Flavour Burst Lab, along with the huge range of food essences and colours.

Two litres of Flavour Burst Fun range costs 12c per serve, with flavours including cookies and cream, bubble gum and candy floss that will keep the kids coming back for more.

The Gourmet range costs 17c per serve, which for flavours like bonoffee pie, salted caramel and chocolate macadamia is quite amazing. When combined with the thick shake mix it works out to be 35c per serve.

Restaurant and Café owners can not only have unique flavours but also increase their gross margin by $2 or more depending on how much they are selling their shakes for. Be sure to contact us on 021 755 992 (Mat) and to visit our wholesale website, http://www.wholesale.flavourburst.nz.