Hancocks has worked hard to build a combined portfolio of some of the best wines made in New Zealand and wines from every major wine producing region globally. This is backed up by a portfolio of the finest collection of spirits and liqueurs from leading global brands to artisan distillers. Rounding out the Hancocks portfolio is its collection of the best and leading craft beers available – real beers with real taste.

Hancocks offers its famous Eisch stemware range, and the best polycarbonate products on the market. Also offered is serving and dispensing systems equipment, all of which combine to make Hancocks the supplier of choice to the licensed trade.

Hancocks is exceptionally proud of its agencies and partnerships with them through to the customer. The combined Hancocks portfolio provides the platform to drive business forward and to do so in a profitable and enjoyable way.  When you buy Hancocks brands, it’s not just a purchase but an investment in your business that will reap handsome rewards.

Hancocks has one simple, big objective: “We will be the most efficient and productive sales, marketing and distributor in our industry and to do things better than they have ever been done before”.