Good George opening new venue

Good George Brewing will open a new brewery and pub in Matamata in July. The venue will be launched by two pairs of brothers, Fraser and Cameron Scott and Martyn and Kim Steffer.

The venue had previously served as a farming supply shop and a Warehouse Stationery, as is located on the main street of Matamata in line with the famous Hobbiton sign. It was purchased by the Scott’s father more than three decades ago.

“We were always wanting to do something a little more creative in this space,” Cameron said. “Marty had a connection through Good George and had seen the site and he reckoned a Good George would be perfect here. And dad enjoyed a beer as much as the next guy.”

Matamata was the “obvious next step” in terms of business growth Good George Hospitality Group manager Kevin Flynn.

“The Waikato is our home. It's where we brew and Good George all started. We consider Matamata as heartland Waikato, so it feels good to be involved in this project and a logical step in looking after our region.”

The Matamata venue will seat around 230, similar to the Good Union venue in Cambridge, but will reflect the town’s history as a farming hub.

“We like each venue to have its own identity and its own personality. These four brothers will put their own spin on it and a bit of them will come out through the design.”